2016, Sep - Oct

61st Annual Convention 

By Shell Tomlin

For the 61st time, VWCA members gathered from far and wide (Washington to Florida) for our Annual Convention, this time in Rockford, Illinois, home of the Stateline Volksfolks, our local chapter there.


It all started at the casual Machine Shed restaurant, where the early birds flocked on Friday evening for a friendly meet-n-greet. The relaxed atmosphere there allowed us to linger as long as we wanted to catch up on old friendships and new tales of our latest Volkswagen adventures. Even afterward, many lingered in the parking lot ogling some members’ new rides procured since we last met.

Our Hospitality Room at the Rockford Holiday Inn officially opened on Saturday morning as attendees poured in to register, check out their Goodie Bags and set up displays for the Mini Toy Show or Most Unusual Item contests.  The displays were viewed all day, then voted on with the ballots counted at the evening’s Awards Banquet. Also on rare display were the original trophies for the Eberle Newsletter Award, the Woodbury Dunn Safety Award and the Wolfsburg Trophy, presented annually to the most active local chapter.

After the morning’s business and Trustees meetings were completed, the afternoon event was the rallye. Fashioned after Chicago Club member Gaston Krishman’s popular “Photoscenic,” participants were given a sheet of photos with their approximate locations. The object was to drive (a VW, of course) to the location and answer a question about the photo that would verify that you actually saw it. Be careful, though; some of these were tricky. All who participated thoroughly enjoyed the event, but the credit clearly goes to our dear friend Gaston, whose invention we have plagiarized several times for our Convention.

Saturday evening is traditionally banquet time and a banquet it certainly was, being efficiently served up by the staff from the adjacent Hoffman House Caterers. After we had all stuffed ourselves with the Chicken Vesuvio and savory Atlantic Salmon entrees – there was way too much food – we took a little break for some door prizes. Awards for the best Mini Toy Show, Most Unusual VW Item, Oldest Volkswagen, Most Conventions Attended, Longest Distance Driven to the Convention, and Convention Rallye winners were presented, as well as the Eberle Newsletter Award, and the Woodbury Dunn Safety Award, Wolfsburg Trophy. Dozens of 2015 car show participants were eligible for and Jack Lyman National Car Show awards, and those present received their plaques at the Banquet. The others will be mailed. The presentations gave us just enough time for our dinner to settle and make a little room for the special Convention cake for dessert. A very satisfying evening for all!

Sunday morning it was off to Alpine Park for the Car Show. This is not your ordinary car show, but a picnic in the park where everyone just happens to drive a Volkswagen. For the 29th consecutive year, the Stateline Volksfolks again produced this popular show featuring a raffle, door prizes and trophies based on the ballots cast by those entering a car in the show. The Autoist’s Cliff Leppke dashed in from Milwaukee on Sunday morning to capture a 1st Place trophy for his sparkling red 1987 Scirocco.

Our hat’s off to the Stateline ‘Folks for providing their show as well as their collective behind-the-scenes assistance with the organization of our Annual Convention. Also a grateful thanks to all the fine sponsors and donors that helped make this event a success. We hope to see you all again in 2017 for the 62nd VWCA Convention.

Shell Tomlin | vwclub@aol.com


  • SECRETARY APPPOINTED: Rick Carlson is named to the vacant Club Secretary post.
  • NIVA BUGFEST: This was not your typical car show hosted by the Northeast Illinois VW Assn.
  • AUDI A4 S-LINE QUATTRO: High-tech features combine with a quality ride.
  • DUNE SPECIAL EDITION: From a 2014 concept, VW has rolled out a head-turner.


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