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"Remember Those Great Volkswagen Ads?"
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VW/Ford Alliance Teleconference:  Ford Will Build Some VW Vehicles

VW Reveals 2020 Passat

VWAG Sets New Worldwide Sales Record:  10.8 Million

Chattanooga Gets Electric Vehicle Line

VW to Sponsor USA Soccer

2019 GTI Rabbit Edition and Cliff-Green R

Ford CEO Jim Hackett and VWAG's Herbert Diess at Detroit show

Detroit (January 15):  VW and Ford called off the much anticipated Detroit auto show announcement regarding their memo of understanding.  Instead, both firms invited reporters to join a teleconference with Ford CEO Jim Hackett and VWAG chief Dr. Herbert Diess.  During the teleconference, Hackett and Diess said a Ford/VW alliance (no cross ownership) will leverage strengths.  Ford will develop and build vans and trucks for both firms, while VW will develop a European city van.  Ford might use VW's MEB electric vehicle platform; VW could invest in Ford's self-driving vehicle technology.  The first truck, likely an Amarok replacement, could arrive in 2022.  Both Ford and VW project improved operating costs as early as 2023.  One reason cited for this teleconference was timing.  Diess says VW must start planning now in order to get distinctive vehicles with its brand qualities to market in 2022.  Neither executive offered details on VW/Ford alliance-related U.S. vehicles.    


Detroit (Jan. 14):  VWAG’s Dr. Herbert Diess, at VW’s North American Auto Show exhibit today, announced a new worldwide sales record:  10.8 million.  VWAG, with includes Audi, Seat, Skoda and Porsche, is either number one or two in worldwide light passenger vehicle deliveries last year.  Diess also introduced VW’s new American chief Scott Keogh.

Herbert Diess answers press questions after 2020 Passat launch

Keogh says VW will invest $800 million in E-Mobility building an electric vehicle line at its Chattanooga plant.  He estimates that this investment will create 1,000 jobs.

Scott Keogh answers German TV reporter's question

Keogh says VW built 730,000 Passats in Tennessee.  Now, he adds, it’s time to roll out a 2020 model.  According to Keogh, the new one keeps what people loved and improved the rest.  It now sports items like rear-seat heaters and additional USB ports.  Most exterior panels are fresh and the dashboard is sleeker.  It arrives this summer in five trims. 

Finally, VW joins One Goal:  It’s now a USA Soccer presenting partner.  That’s why the 2020 Passat rolled onto a soccer-field themed stage with turntables.  Journalists received soccer balls with VW and USA Soccer logos.   Off the field, VW displayed vibrant hues:  a nifty Cornflower Blue GTI Rabbit and a snazzy Spektrum Program Cliff Green Golf R.  The latter's custom color adds $2,500 to the R's price.          

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