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Grilled:  VWoA CEO Michael Horn Apologizes to Congress, VW Attacked as the Auto Industry’s Lance Armstrong, German Prosecutors Raid VW’s Wolfsburg HQ


Oct. 8:  It’s now an automotive executive ritual: an apology to Congress for misdeeds.  VW’s Horn offered several apologies, says he wasn’t aware of an emission-control “defeat device” until early September 2015.  Congressman Peter Welch, one of several who were nonplused by Horn’s assertion that VW’s top leaders weren’t aware of emissions tampering, called VW the Lance Armstrong of the auto industry.  Like the cyclist, VW doped its diesel cars to gain a performance edge.  This makes them dirty, yet they deceptively test clean.


Horn did not say when or how VW will fix its sullied EA189 2.0-liter turbo diesels (model years 2009-2014).  Under congressional questioning, he replied that it might take two years and five-to-ten hours work per vehicle.  VW says its 2016 TDI diesel cars have an auxiliary emissions control device that needs EPA approval.  VW, therefore, has withdrawn its application for certification for its 2.0-liter EA288 diesel-engine autos.  Scores of them are now stalled in dealer lots.


In Germany, police and prosecutors raided VW’s Wolfsburg HQ seeking material that would identify those who manipulated emissions compliance.            

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