VW Announces Baja Truck Design Competition; Its Chicago Show Booth has Baja Experience Ride

Feb. 7 Chicago:  VW’s Mark Gillies announced its Baja Cross Sport R truck design challenge.  You can whip out some paper, ply your crayons and submit your proposal for its off-road racing entry.  See details on the website pictured below.  VW, by-the-way, entered professional desert racing.  Tanner Faust drive’s Cross Sport-like Baja truck.

Chicago Show goers can park their behinds on the passenger seats of its new Cross Sport at McCormick Place.  There’s an indoor Baja track with dirt, stones and other outdoorsy items.  A Baja Cross Sport R concept is one off-course attraction.   What’s behind this seat-of-the-pants Baja experience?  Well, VW thinks those who ride in its cars are more likely to buy them.  This strategy thrilled Jeep fans several years ago at an earlier Chicago show.