That 70s Show: VW Reports Best Q2 Sales since 1973

VWoA Reports Record 2021 Q2 Sales, Up 72%

July 1, 2021:  You might call it “That 70s Show.”  VW’s Q2 sales (120,520) were its best since 1973.  It’s Q2/YTD sales (211,373) were its best since 1973 as well.  This YTD figure represents a 46% increase over 2020.  May sales (44,000), says VW, were the best single month since 1973.

VW’s Atlas resides at the top of VW’s U.S. sales chart (39,377 Q2/69,897 YTD).  The Tiguan is next (37,888 Q2/65,153 YTD).  The Jetta comes in third (20,295 Q2/43,009 YTD).

Newcomers Taos (4,939) and ID.4 (5,756) propped up Q2 deliveries as did incentives on Atlas and Passat.  Overall, SU-VWs comprised 73% of its U.S. deliveries—a new record.

Audi posted a 92% Q2 increase (66,995).  It’s YTD numbers were up 60% (76,210)—the best first half U.S. results ever.  The Q5 is its best seller—YTD deliveries 33,566.  

Letting Chips Fall

2021 U.S. light vehicle trends reveal several surprises.  Ford’s F150 dropped out of its traditional top spot during Q2—Ram and Chevy Silverado outpaced it.  Honda, Hyundai/Kia and Toyota blasted past Ford, while Toyota beat GM for the pole position.  In a sense, these results were about how one played or couldn’t play the chips, as semiconductor shortages cut Ford’s output