VW Debuts 2024 Atlas in Chicago: Swankier Interior, Lustier Engine

Chicago Feb. 9:  VWoA CEO Pablo Di Si presented two significantly revamped Atlas family models.  Each, according to Di Si, features more of what people want.

Want a nicer interior with quilted leatherette upholstery?  You’ve got it.  Softer dashboard surround with LED lighting?  You’ve got that too.  How about more powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine—now 273 lb-ft of torque at 1,500 rpm.  Yes, that too.  Fresh LED exterior lighting with illuminated front VW logo?  Sure.

Di Si says VW revised the interior for a premium look and feel, including a front pass-thru.  The TSI engine provides more oomph when you step on the go pedal.  No off-road variant is planned.  But VWoA’s CEO says the brand needs yet another SUV in its lineup.