Wisconsin Barn Find: 2024 VW ID. 4 at #MAMA24SR

2024 VW ID. 4 Pro S coverage found on the “socials” #MAMA24SR

May 22, 2024, Elkhart Lake Wisconsin:  VW introduced its revised for 2024 ID. 4 full-battery electric vehicle at the Midwest Automotive Media Association’s Spring Rally.  The rally’s fabled location has its own story:  the historic Road America racetrack.

Journalists didn’t drive it on the track, though.  Instead, they drove VW’s BEV on nearby scenic routes.  The good news is VW’s new performance drive for the 82 kWh models, such as the rear-wheel-drive Pro S, model we sampled, delivers lively acceleration:  0-60 mph in about 5.9 seconds.  In sport drive mode, the ID. 4 felt relatively frisky and quiet—except for some wind rush.  This model has 282 horsepower/402 lb-ft of torque.  Previously it had 201 ponies, which is still the figure for ID. 4s with the 62-kWh battery.

VW claims the EPA’s estimated range is now 291 miles.  In addition, the ID. 4, claims VW, DC fast charges from 10-80% state of charge in 30 minutes.

Other changes improve the driver’s interface.   The larger 12.9-inch infotainment touchscreen is more intuitive.  For example, key vehicle app icons are visible on the main screen.  And VW now backlights the climate control temperature touch sliders.  You no longer have to stab them in the dark.

VW also revamped the shifter design.  It’s now a steering column mounted stalk. VW, furthermore, moved the wiper controls to the turn-signal stalk.  Unchanged are the awkward two buttons controlling four side windows.  The MSRP is $51,420.  VW claims this vehicle qualifies for a $7,500 federal tax credit.