Volkswagen’s Project Trinity Delayed; VW/Audi Engine and Tire Pressure Monitoring Recalls

A new e-Golf?

Like a bad day at an airport, VW’s Tesla-fighting Project Trinity ETA is behind schedule.  Reported software delays mean it won’t arrive until 2030.  Earlier this year, VW announced a new Trinity plant and sedan with a 2026 debut.  

VW Group CEO Oliver Blume says he’s reviewing earlier plans for long-range, quick-charge BEVs with self-driving capacities.  Meanwhile, sources say VW might use items from an updated MEB (ID.4) platform to power a 2026 e-Golf or Tiguan likely built at its existing Wolfsburg factory,


VW/Audi announced two recalls.  One covers engine problems; the other tire pressure monitoring systems.

Some 2021-2023 VW Atlases and Audi Q5s have connecting-rod defects. Faulty parts could cause engine noise, engine failure and engine fire.  

VW sent instructions this month to its dealers explaining how to inspect about 74,067 SUVs for faulty parts.  About two-percent of these vehicles are affected. According to VW’s chronology, this recall likely covers Mexican-made 2.0-liter engines.  The recall notice, however, doesn’t state whether VW’s V-6 or 2.0-liter four-cylinder is problematic.  

VW/Audi recalled various Audi A3/Q3 and VW models manufactured between late 2018 and early 2022.  The TPMS might take too long to alert drivers if all four tires lose pressure at the same rate and time.  A software update should fix this.