America Says Hello ID: VW’s ID.4 1st Edition Sold Out

Shoppers snapped up 2,000 units of VW’s ID.4 (1st Edition), its new long-range (250 miles) battery-electric SUV.  These arrive early 2021, they’re currently built in Germany.  Still want to charge one?  No problem, you can reserve the Pro version available mid-2021 with starting MSRP of $39,995.  It qualifies for a $7,500 federal tax credit.  It includes VW’s IQ Drive or driver assist suite.  Optional packs are Statement and Gradient.

The not-so basic standard goodies:  10-inch navigation display, ID Light, heated seats and steering wheel, wireless phone charging, DC fast charge capability, rear 201-hp motor and 82-kWh lithium ion battery.  You get three years free charging at Electrify America points.  Going AWD adds a front motor (302-hp total) for $3,680.  VW expects a shocking Walmart-like price drop ($35,000 MSRP) when it builds this vehicle at its Chattanooga plant during 2022.  This means you could spend less than $30,000 with tax credit for a smartly designed compact EV-VW.