VW Announces Car-Net Fix; Toyota Dons 2021 Motor Vehicle Sales Crown

Beginning Feb. 22, 2022, AT&T, VW’s Car-Net wireless network provider will discontinue 3G service (AKA:  3G Sunset).  Thus, VW’s Car-Net telematic system on most 2014-2019 model year VWs won’t function.

VW’s Mark Gillies says VW has identified a technical solution to restore your vehicle’s connectivity by upgrading your machine’s hardware.  Expect the upgrade at your dealer during fall 2022.  

Some vehicles qualify for a free upgrade.  Others must pay the dealer’s rate for parts and labor.  Some who own older models (2014-2016) might select Motion by Mojiio, a 4G LTE device and 18-month subscription for $295.  Motion is a plug-in device providing an aftermarket service similar to Car-Net.  

Check VW’s Car-Net website for further information.

2021 Worldwide Motor Vehicle Sales:  Toyota Wins Big Time

According to Automotive News, Toyota moved 10.496 million vehicles (up 10.15%) during 2021.  It managed to eke out more units due to better management of supply problems.  VW—formerly, formerly number one—saw sales decline 4.5% to 8.882 units.  For comparison, during 2020 Toyota’s sales were 9.528 million vs VW’s 9.305 million.

VW’s “pure” battery electric vehicle sales doubled to about 453,000 units.  Toyota, best known for its hybrids, sold 14,407 “pure” BEVs