Volkswagen’s Pumpkin Stencils; VW Says Steering Wheel Pushbuttons Will Return


Looking for a last-minute VW-themed pumpkin carving idea?  Head to VW’s media website, search for pumpkin and you’ll find links to two carving templates.  So grab your carving supplies and create your own zesty orange globe.

Trick and Treat:  Pushbuttons on VW Steering Wheels Will Return

Fuzzy Logic:  Frustrating Touch Sensing Steering Wheel Controls

VW’s Thomas Schafer in a LinkedIn posts says the brand is “sharpening our portfolio…creating new simplicity.  We are bringing back the push-button steering wheel.”  He claims this is what VW’s customers want.

Indeed, your scribe and scores of other folks hate the new touch-sensing controls found on the ID.4, Golf GTI, Golf R and several other models.  Despite their haptic action, it’s far too easy to brush the wheel heater or alter cruise control settings when twirling the tiller.  No word on whether VW will correct other goofs such as the unlit temperature and volume touch spots below infotainment screens.  Schafer, tear down those touch sensors, bring back VW’s former, simpler, buttons and dials.