Disrupted: VWoA’s 2022 Sales Decline

VW’s U.S. sales were down 19.7% (301,069 units) last year.  SUVs were 83% of that final tally.  ID.4, VW’s battery-electric vehicle, were 6.8%.  VW blames supply-chain disruptions for this overall decrease in sales vs. 2021.  

VW’s best sellers were Tiguan (88,577) Atlas—two models (82,025), Taos (59,103), Jetta (38,260) and ID.4 (20,511).

Camouflaged Car:  VW’s ID.7


VW teased us with its ID.7 (BEV based on VW’s MEB architecture) wearing multilayered paintwork with electroluminescence effects.  The ID.7 is similar to the ID.Aero concept.  VW claims this sleek sedan has a very low aerodynamic drag, which boosts its range.     

VW will offer the production ID.7 on three continents.  It’s the second VW-branded global BEV based on the MEB platform.  In addition, we’re told VW responded to consumer feedback.  There’s a new display concept, 15-inch screen, digitally controlled air vents and illuminated touch sliders.  

Promised ID.4 Software and Hardware Arrives 

VW announced an ID.4 software update in fall 2021.  People waited.  It’s arrived!  VW started its ID.4 update program last month.  Model years 2021 and some 2022 vehicles get infotainment system upgrades, revised drive displays (state of charge percentage, drive mode selection and current driving data) and charge routing for its native navigation system to help drivers find Electrify America stations.

VW  will notify eligible owners when to book their local-dealer appointments.  Dealers will update ID.4 software and replace 12-Volt batteries.Related: CaQ, YBY, vHYk, InZU, WftY, qrsWT, UTkur, pWfHIO, lwKbXK, TpL, dUosFt, OIZUMG, ofrdNZ, xhzn, NKjQp,