VW Rolls Out New Logo and ID.3 EV

The global roll-out of VW’s new brand design began at the IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show.  Plus, a new logo shines atop a high-rise building in Wolfsburg.

VW says Europe gets the new look first.  Step-by-step the changeover moves to North America during 2020.  A total of 171 markets and 154 countries are involved including dealers.

VW’s trademark is new, clean, flatter and simpler.  Recently the logo was blue and white.  You’ll see a new blue hue; other color variations are possible.  The VW roundel is thinner, there’s a gap between the bottom of the V and the W below it.  The W is detached from the circle’s arc underneath it. 

In addition, there’s a sound logo, an acoustic trademark for the brand.  VW ads will focus on people rather than vehicle photography.  A female voice replaces the male one for most advertising purposes.

Check out the ID.3.  This new electric vehicle rides on VW’s MEV platform.  Expect an ID.4 crossover based on this architecture for the U.S. market. 

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