VW Atlas Cross Sport: Excessive Where It Matters Ad Debut

Actors Paul Giamatti (Sideways) and Kieran Culkin (Fargo) star in a three-part ad campaign for VW’s Cross Sport SUV.  Giamatti plays a frustrated accountant who must rein in a spendthrift client (Culkin).  He is assuaged, when his client gets a VW—until he learns it’s transportation to a Las Vegas casino.

The ad, therefore, presents the Cross Sport as a stylish, sensible and affordable alternative to conspicuous consumption.  Johanne Leonardo is the creative agency.  The ad debuted on ABC’s The Bachelor.  Two more episodes follow.

In a sense, the ad pays homage to vintage Beetle ads, which extolled the virtues of living large in an inexpensive small car.  VW, as corrective commodity consumption, resonated with Americans who were concerned the wasteful, affluent society.

The Cross Sport’s starting MSRP is $31,565.  A fully loaded one is $50,815.