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May-Jun | 2024
533 - Scout's Progress

Former VW exec Scott Keogh, now head of Scout Motors, speaks at the groundbreaking for the SUV's new plant.


Mar-Apr | 2024
532 - A Buzz In Chicago

A white over blue ID.Buzz is parked in the VW display area at the Chicago Auto Show


Jan-Feb | 2024
531 - Lap of the Lake

The Vans are parked at Wilderness State Park Campground on the shore of Lake Michigan.


Nov-Dec | 2023
530 - What's a Classic Worth?

In the market for a vintage Volkswagen? Hagerty Valuation Tools can steer you in the right direction.


Sep-Oct | 2013
529 - ID.4 hauls a load halfway across he country.

Todd Allcock found a work-around in Grand Island, Nebraska, pulling his ID.4 behind a bank of chargers so that the charging cord could reach the car.


Jul-Aug | 2023
528 - SEE THE USA the old-fashioned way . . . in a 40-year-old VW

An '83 Scirocco is posed on the Leppke farm in North Dakota with Hawk's Nest Ridge in the background.


May-Jun | 2023
527 - How an ID.4 tackled a 765-mile trek.

A five-year-old 25kW charger in Grand Junction, Colorado, isn't state of the art, but it gets the job done while travelers enjoy pizza nearby.


Mar-Apr | 2023
526 - Center Stage

VW has responded to consumer complaints about the Atlas, adding several new features for 2024.


Jan-Feb | 2023

Drivability issues continue to plague the Taos 4Motion model.


Nov-Dec | 2022
524 - Cold Discomfort

It's one thing when a trusted app misfires on estimating remaining mileage during an EV trek. Even worse when the charging station is offline.


Sep-Oct | 2022
523 - ID.4 Owners Weigh In

It's full-go at VW's Chattanooga production plant as a 2023 ID.4 is posed amid the modern machinery. Production there started in earnest in July.


Jul-Aug | 2022
522 - Car Girl Gets a Dream Car

A car-guy dad is making sure his daughter is learning the ropes when it comes to maintaining a like-new Beetle.


May-Jun | 2022
521 - New Upholstery Blossoms

The back seat of Cliff Leppke's 1964 Beetle, a Bahama Blue model that got a return to its original hue.


Mar-Apr | 2022

Don Capestrain had the knowledge he needed to rebuild his 1978 Bus engine, but he encountered several bumps in the road.


Jan-Feb | 2022

VW has struggled over the years to improve customer feedback reported by Consumer Reports. Things still aren't going well.


Nov-Dec | 2021
518 - An Enchanting SUV

With a comfortable ride and tidy size, the Taos SE has the "honey, I shrunk the Tiguan" look.


Sep-Oct | 2021
517 - A Brave, New EV World

Talk to your ID.4 and it'll make friends with you as you navigate this brave new world of battery electric vehicles.


Jul-Aug | 2021
516 - QUALITY CHECK: Farm relic reveals built-in disasters

In an X-ray examination, how does a 1964 Beetle stack up with a 1958 Ford on production quality?


May-Jun | 2021
515 - ENERGIZED: Our quick trip in VW's ID.4

An ID.4 hits a Milwaukee dealership and our Cliff Leppke has some first impressions.


Mar-Apr | 2021
514 - FIRE DRILL; Classic Ghia survives a close call

John Godwin poses in his garage with his newly painted Karmann Ghia, which figuratively has traveled a long strange road after a fire in 2019.


Jan-Feb | 2021

Hildegard is Robert Beaumont's 1957 Beetle, which was parked for more than 40 years, unable to run. Slowly but surely, he's brought it back to life.


Nov-Dec | 2020
512 - A Date With History

Four small-town college students from Ohio get a surprise of their lives after a spur-of-the-moment trip to the nation's capital.


Sep-Oct | 2020
511 - 2020 GOLF S - Slow Down And Enjoy The View

New Golf models continue to shrink in the United States, and the entry-level S is guaranteed only a two-year run.


Jul-Aug | 2020
510 - New Country For An Old Car?

In an automotive climate dominated by sport utility vehicles, VW's 2020 Passat soldiers on.


May-Jun | 2020

Don Capestrain's Golden Retriever mix and his 1978 Bus at the site that the threesome visited frequently.


Mar-Apr | 2020
508 - A Path Less Traveled

VW had 22,000 square feet of display space at the Chicago Auto Show, plenty of space for its multiple SUVs.


Jan-Feb | 2020
507 - What's a Classic?

Early automotive ads played a big role in how we viewed the cars we bought. Shapes that caught our eye, like that of the Beetle, weren't always "iconic."


Nov-Dec | 2019
506 - Hydrogen power

In 2014, VW displayed two hydrogen-powered concept cars. But in the aftermath of the diesel scandal, VW is counting on e-power. What happened?


Sep-Oct | 2019
505 - A life of VW memories

Eva Kyle, who died at age 96, drove a variety of Volkswagens for more than five decades.


Jul-Aug | 2019
504 - Emotional rescue

Who would be crazy enough to drive a 36-year-old VW 3,000 miles over two weeks . . . with no A/C or other contemporary car creature comforts? Our Cliff Leppke, of course. He had a ball.


May-Jun | 2019
503 - From beater Bus to dragstrip demon

The Goblin Works Garage team, part of a UK-based collective that rebuilds vehicles as part of a cable TV series, takes on a 1969 VW Bus.


Mar-Apr | 2019
502 - Anniversary Theme

February's Chicago Auto Show paid tribute to the anniversaries of four venerable marques, including VW's Jetta GLI.


Jan-Feb | 2019
501 - Tribute to a mom: How Kathy Janiszewski and a '72 Volkswagen helped inspire a lifelong hobby

From this VW Bus, Kathy Janiszewski emerges with her wedding party in July 1966. She inspired her son, Tom, to follow a passion for VWs.


Nov-Dec | 2018
500 - Commemorative Issue

In commemoration of its milestone 500th issue as publication of the VWCA, the Autoist gets a facelift for the first time in a decade.


Sep-Oct | 2018
499 - 2019 Jetta: New, Larger Economy Size

Some things come in small packages, and the seventh generation of VW's popular Jetta sedan delivers.


Jul-Aug | 2018
498 - What's in your garage?

Amid the chaos, a home to vehicular gems and memories.


May-Jun | 2018
497 - GTI AUTOBAHN: VW's latest version is a shopping cart full of enjoyment

Pack 220-hp and 258 ft.-lb of turbo kick under this hot hatch's hood and you've got a grocery-getter with options.


Mar-May | 2018
496 - ARTEON: VW introduces its stylish replacement for the CC model.

Volkswagen???s attention to detail is notable in its new Arteon sedan, which made its debut at the Chicago Auto Show.


Jan-Feb | 2018

Volkswagen has upped the ante by inflating the 2018 Tiguan to almost mid-size capacity. Is it fit for a king?


Nov-Dec | 2017

Hundreds of VWs of every stripe gathered at Foster Park in Kokomo, Ind. for the annual Oktoberfest.


Sep-Oct | 2017
493 - 62nd VWCA Convention Wrap-up

Members gathered at the throw-back Cascade Drive-in Theater for "Cars 3," part of the VWCA Convention


Jul-Aug | 2017
492 - Back To The Future Car

Cliff Leppke's 1983 Scirocco has notched its share of more than 333,000 miles in trips to Road America in Wisconsin. The latest covered about 3,000 miles during a whirlwind vacation excursion.


May-Jun | 2017
491 - Swingin' time is in store for members, guests at 62nd annual Club gathering

Augustino's will get members rocking while the NIVA Club will roll out another lineup of VWs at its annual BugFest, part of the VWCA Convention in St. Charles, Ill.


Mar-Apr | 2017
490 - Will VW See The Light?

VW once again evokes the memory of the beloved Microbus with its new concept called I.D. Buzz, which created quite a stir at the annual auto show in Detroit. (Photos by Tom Janiszewski)


Jan-Feb | 2017
489 - Costly Mistake?

Joe Mayer says he's not out to punish VW over its diesel scandal - he just wanted to make some extra money on a car he thought would be junked. (Photos by Joe Mayer via


Nov-Dec | 2016
488 - WATTS OF FUN . . . . . . Meet the new e-Golf

Here's the car that, when you give it a charge, you'll get one back. In VW's first important pivot from its diesel scandal, the e-Golf provides an opening salvo in the carmaker's goal to electrify its fleet.


Sep-Oct | 2016
487 - 61st Annual Convention

What's an anniversary without a cake? This one didn't go far or last long as Club members enjoyed a variety of activities, including a Sunday car show and picnic, part of the 61st Annual Convention.


Jul-Aug | 2016
486 - It's Time To Show Off

A couple of Karmann Ghias are resplendent at the Michigan Vintage VW Club's Festival in Ypsilanti, Mich.  The club held its 29th event in May, while Mid America Motorworks in Effingham, Ill., saluted the air-cooled crowd with a big show in June.


May-Jun | 2016
485 - Windfall for TDI owners?

The scam was on as early as 2008, when this Candy White Jetta TDI Clean Diesel model, embellished with green plant matter, was rolled out.  In case anyone had a doubt, VW added the wording "Not a concept car."


Mar-Apr | 2016
484 - Lost In Translation

VW CEO Mattias Mueller was in the hot glare of media lights at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, providing the company's latest response to the diesel emissions scandal.


Jan-Feb | 2016
483 - VW's Game Plan

VW remains embroiled in a high-stakes game involving government agencies  and hundreds of thousands of owners of diesel models. The company's car on the road of Life has taken a big detour.


Nov-Dec | 2015
482 - Engine with a split personality puts VW on the hot seat

The news in September was beyond belief for many VW and TDI enthusiasts: Volkswagen executives admitted that the company intentionally produced cars that violated clean-air laws.


Sep-Oct | 2015
481 - Big bites of fun at the 60th VWCA Convention

Doug Narczewshi from Spring Valley, IL, looks over an assortment of water-cooled VWs on display at NIVA's Bug Fest event, part of the 60th VWCA Convention in suburban Chicago.


Jul-Aug | 2015
480 - 1969 Beetle gets a second chance to adorn the silver screen

Crew members working on the film "The Good Blonde" prepare for a shot on the California coast involving a 1969 Beetle owned by VWCA member and correspondent Lois Grace.


May-Jun | 2015
479 - My Mom, the Daredevil

Around 1960, Cliff Leppke had no idea what was in store for him while being ferried about by his mother. Needless to say, his head was up and his eyes were open.


Mar-Apr | 2015
478 - It's Show Time!

The Northeast Illinois Volkswagen Association has an activity-packed weekend planned for the 60th VWCA Convention in suburban Chicago.


Jan-Feb | 2015
477 - Diesel Memories

Jack Pavie of suburban Philadelphia had to wait several months to get his 1975 Rabbit diesel, one of three models he enjoyed in the '70s and '80s.


Nov-Dec | 2014
476 - Golf Lessons: Three new models charge up hatchback lineup

The scene at the Salamander Resort in Middleburg, Va., where Cliff Leppke and other media members ran the 2015 Volkswagens through their paces.


Sep-Oct | 2014
475 - Having fun with miles per gallon

A morning commute for a 2012 Golf TDI has become a test on how high the fuel mileage will end up. It hit a high mark in July.


Jul-Aug | 2014
474 - 2014 VWCA Convention: Wagons, wagens and more - where the buffalo roam

In the VWCA's 59 years of Conventions, the setting in Hudson, Mich. was unique. Just ask VWCA's Tom Janiszewski, the guy driving the orange 1974 Camper.


May-Jun | 2014
473 - New Beetle milestone: Though this 1999 model has shown it's flaws over 15 years and 90,000 miles, it's been a blast to drive

May 25 marks the 15th anniversary of my family's New Beetle ownership experience. It was on that day in 1999 that we took delivery of a brand new red GLS model from Kempthorn Volkswagen in Canton, Ohio.


Mar-Apr | 2014
472 - Dune buggy with a twist at the Detroit Auto Show

There's a saying that everything old is new again, and since the New Beetle's production debut in 1998, that has been the car's underlying theme.


Jan-Feb | 2014
471 - Back At The Ranch

At northern California getaway, Vernon and his family found plenty of ways to enjoy life